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Ontario Gymnaestrada 2019

June 15-16, 2019
Hosted by Gymnastics Ontario

Ontario Gymnaestrada is a non-competitive, group routine, gymnastics festival weekend!  A Gymnastics for All performance event that allows groups of all ages, gender, skill level, and discipline to showcase their talents, creativity, and love of gymnastics!

Call to Event - Bulletin #1  (includes eligibility, routine/performance regulations, fees, and other important event details)


Feb 28, 2019: INTENT TO PARTICIPATE deadline.  E-mail to inform us of your club's intention to participate at Ontario Gymnaestrada 2019.                                                                                            Please include the following in your Intent to Participate e-mail: club name, estimated # of participating athletes.               (although we appreciate knowing participant #s in advance, you can still register if you miss the Intent to Participate deadline)

May 1, 2019: REGISTRATION DEADLINE  (clubs sending multiple performance teams should register each team separately, and athletes on multiple teams should only be registered once)

May 15, 2019: SUBMISSION DEADLINE for: 1) music (and finalized total performance time), 2) performance description, 3) team photo, 4) Participant Consent and Medical Data forms                                                                     (forms can be found at



Clubs sending multiple performance teams must register each team on a separate invoice.

Athletes on multiple teams should only be registered once.

1a) Register ALL "Team Athletes" on this performance team in one registration

1b) Register ALL "Team Coach(es) and Manager(s)"

- 1 complimentary coach/manager registration per team

- Teams are required to maintain a 1:10 coach/manager:athlete ratio (ratio required for all athletes under age 15)

2) ADD PRODUCT - Ontario Gymnaestrada T-shirt - add QTY for every registered member of the team (athletes + coaches + managers).  T-shirts are included in registration fees.

3) *optional* ADD PRODUCT - Ontario Gymnaestrada Time to Shine Athlete Party Ticket - tickets must be purchased in advance for the Time to Shine Athlete Party: Sat 5:30-8:30pm - add QTY for total tickets to be purchased.  Anyone wishing to attend the party must purchase a ticket (athletes, coaches, managers, etc.)

4) *optional* ADD PRODUCT - Ontario Gymnaestrada 2nd Routine Performance - add 1 if THIS PERFORMANCE TEAM will be performing a second routine (teams performing twice are required to have a different routine for each performance).  This item should not be used to add multiple teams from the same club.