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WAG Coach Development - Open Doors


If you are passionate about gymnastics and have a zest for learning, you cannot miss this amazing opportunity!  Come out and see how our top coaches work!

Once a month beginning May 2020, some of the top coaches in the province have graciously offered to open up their doors as a chance to learn from the best! These coaches welcome you to come into their gyms (at no cost) to ask questions, watch a training session and just get a general feel for what they do on a daily basis to be successful with their athletes. These open houses are for coaches only and will offer a range of information and guidance in some specific areas of expertise. It will also allow less experienced coaches see how advanced provincial level and high‐performance athletes and coaches train.

This is also a great opportunity for networking! Maybe you need help teaching your first tsuk on vault, or maybe you need SOMEWHERE to teach your first tsuk because your gym doesn’t have a vault into a pit landing! Meeting these expert coaches as well as others who are looking for some assistance/wanting to learn, will help grow your professional social circle. It will give you many more contacts to help increase your knowledge‐base and expand the possibilities of obtaining new information.



Clubs must register their coaches via Uplifter in order to attend. Coaches will not be permitted to show up day of.
There is no cost to register for this/these opportunities.
There are 15 spots available at each location/date & time slot. Registration is on a first come first serve basis.
A list of coaches will be sent to the host club 2 weeks prior to the training date.

Schedule for Coach Open House Development Opportunities:


Coach & Club

Levels/Area of Focus

   Contact information

Registration Deadline


Monday May 25th 2020




Paula Johnson

ASF Gymnastics

40 Vogell Rd. #32

Richmond Hill, ON

Levels 7-9 @1-6pm

Levels 4-6 @4-8:30pm

Paula Johnson

May 8, 2020


Wednesday June 17th 2020



Alanna Kerler &
Chris Hanley

SGI Gymnastics

17075 Leslie St.

New Market, ON

Athletes in levels 6-10, Novice

Alanna Kerler


June 1, 2020








Tuesday July 21st 2020      



   Toni Norman

   Futures Gymnastics

   6991 Millcreek Drive           Units 8-11

    Mississauga, ON

All levels and ages – young level 4/5 up to HP

       Toni Norman      

   July 6, 2020*
   *registration for events              in the 2020-2021                     season will open in                   April (approximately)





Thursday September 24th 2020




Aaron Brokenshire

Revolution Gymnastics Centre

455 Dutton Drive

Waterloo, ON

 Level 7+

Aaron Brokenshire


     September 7, 2020*
     *registration for events                in the 2020-2021                        season will open in                   April (approximately)









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