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WAG Development Camp #2
Monday, March 27, 2023

Hosted by Barrie Kempettes


Gymnastics Ontario is pleased to offer this season's second Development Camp with expert clinicians on events, physiology, artistry and physical abilities.

Coaches, we want you and your gymnasts to participate in the “Ontario Talent Identification Program” through the WAG Development Camps. Here you will have access to drills/skills/tips and information to help develop Ontario’s future gymnasts!

The goal of this WAG Development camp is to build & support long term development of our upcoming athletes and coaches by creating opportunities to come together to learn and focus on performance and technique.

This camp will focus on specific technical development for basics leading towards more advanced skills on all events and includes sessions on physical abilities, dance and tumbling/trampoline. Though technical development of the athletes is one of the goals of the camp, it is also meant to be coach centric.

Coaches of any level who want to expand their knowledge and skills are encouraged and welcome to attend. Rotation groups will be created based on by level of athlete so please bring the appropriate level of coaches. All participants are responsible for transportation to and from the host club.

Schedule (Draft - 9am-4pm)

Physical Abilities



$100 +HST per athlete
$80 + HST per coach
HST # 12212 5131 RT0001

Lunch will be provided for all participants.
No refunds will be given after the registration deadline.




Max. 40 athletes for those born in 2014 (9), 2013(10), 2012(11), 2011(12), 2010(13), and are Level 5+ and Youth (Aspire)
Athletes must be a current member of Gymnastics Ontario and attend with a coach.
Maximum 4 athletes per club. 
* please remember to include each athlete's level in their registration

Waitlist: Additional athletes per club and athletes who meet the following criteria: 
1) athletes born 2009(14) Level 6+ and
 ages 9-13 Level 5+ & Youth (Aspire) over the 4 per club
2) athletes born in 2015-2016 (7-8) Level 4+ (must kip),
*The priority will be given to those athletes by level (highest first priority within each of the above groupings).


These athletes can be waitlisted by selecting JOIN WAITLIST for the " WAG Event Athlete - WAITLIST" program. Once the registration deadline has passed you will be contacted if your waitlisted athletes are able to register and provide payment.


no maximum number of coaches.
Must be a current member of Gymnastics Ontario.
All Coaches must have minimum NCCP Competition 1 Trained (old Level 2 Technical).
Coaches are able to register with or without an athlete. 


REGISTRATION: Registration Opens January 16, 2023

Athletes Registration Deadline - Monday, February 27, 2023

Athletes WAITLIST Registration Deadline- Monday, March 6, 2023

Coaches Registration Deadline - Monday, March 6, 2023


Welcome to Barrie

Things to do in Barrie

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Here is a look a few of our topics and clinicians (more to come):
Physical Abilities
Artistry & Beam 
Description (Artistry) - we’ll discuss artistry and its components. I will also explain the creation of beam and floor routines, my methodology, and how I cater certain styles to each athlete. My viewpoint on choreography takes a look at innovation and the general beauty of human movement from a judging perspective as well.
Cody Casey 
-30 years coaching experience
-5 Time National Champion (USA)
-7 Time NCAA All-American
-HP National Judge
-Coach of 9 Canadian National Team Members
-Coached two world championships team members (2017, 2021), 2 Commonwealth Games team members (2018, 2022)
- 8 Time winner of best choreography award (Canada)
Movement Therapy
Description -  the athletes will be learning a method of movement self assessment to increase greater self awareness for movement imbalances in their bodies. The Self Awareness Movement Scan (SAM scan) is a multimovement self test that looks at movement restrictions "tightness" in the body that may be limiting performance and the corrective exercises to quickly correct them.
Tom Swales
Tom is a Physiotherapist and Strength Coach with a passion for human movement. He is the founder and creator of The AMT Method & The Advanced Movement Therapist (AMT) Certification, an education platform for PT’s that teaches advanced movement and exercise prescription to get to root cause quicker and solve patients' pain. He is also the founder of COMPHYSIO+ Performance Wellness, has worked with professional athletes such as Matt Beleskey, Brady Leman, Kelsey Serwa, and Alex Formenton and consults for international and olympic sporting organizations on their rehabilitation and performance protocols.
Understanding Anxiety, Emotions & Positive Self-Talk (The Mental Side of Gymnastics)
Strategies and conversation about how our emotions and anxiety play a part of gymnastics and ways to understand and cope with moments of uncertainty in sport and competition.

Sarah Rosser

- Bachelors Degree in Sport Psychology
- Facilitated workshops on how to add mental training and positive self-talk into daily training habits
- Certified Gymnastics Coach for over a decade
- Member of Women's Technical Committee Gymnastics Ontario
- National Level Gymnastics Judge


Rod Hounsell
- Current Head Coach at Alliston Gymnastic Club
- Level 4 fully certified NCCP WAG Coach
- 35+ years coaching experience
- Graduate of Seneca College Coaching Program
- co creator of ODP
- have been team coach for Ontario for past Tour, Easterns and Nationals

Kareen Kotwa-Senechal is the past Owner and Director of Dance Vision Performing Arts Studio located in Barrie, Ontario. She is an award winning dancer, teacher and choreographer with over 30 years of training in Pointe, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Musical Theatre, Lyrical and Contemporary. Over the course of her 25 year teaching career, she has been recognized for the excellent technical training of her students and her notable choreography. Her students have been recipients of many honourable awards in Canada, winning numerous overall top scores in all categories and divisions. In addition, they have received spirit, sportsmanship and commitment awards. Many of her students have gone on to careers in all areas of the dance industry including The National Ballet of Canada, Randolph Academy of the Performing Arts, OIP, as well as the teaching profession. Having been a successful business owner for 13 years , her passion, talent and drive earned her studio to be recognized as the “Best Studio in Barrie and Top Choice Studio” in the all the years of operation by local publications, as well as she received a Governors Award for her business accomplishments.

Kareen is a graduate of the Dance Arts Program at Cambrian College, as well as, a graduate of the Dance Masters of America Teaching Training School, University at Buffalo. She is an active member of the Canadian Dance Masters of America and Dance Educators of America for 25 years. Kareen served as Director of Examinations for CDMA Chapter #38 for 10 years, as a certified examiner regionally and nationally administering annual Teacher Examinations. She is a proud member of the Professional Adjudicator Alliance. For over 20 years, Kareen has been an active Adjudicator for various Dance Competitions regionally and nationally.

Kareen is a sought after teacher and choreographer with a wealth of knowledge and experience. She has a true passion for the art form and values her involvement with teacher educational programs and national level workshops to ensure that she and her students are kept up to date with the latest styles and techniques. Kareen enjoys sharing her love for dance with the next generation, Happy Dancing!

Guest Speaker

Monica Covacci (member of the 1988 Canadian Olympic Team).

Monica will provide the athletes with an opportunity to listen to her journey as an athlete representing Canada internationally.  As well, as a question and answer period.
*Senior National Champion in 1985 & 1987
*1986 Commonwealth AA Champion
*1987 & 1989 World Championships
*1988 Olympic games